Tuskers monthly bulletin launched

The Student Union Government team of the University of Uyo have announce the launch of her monthly bulletin. This is coming with the hope that Students of the Varsity will be better and properly informed. 

The Director of information, Comrade Ekemini Wholesome has this to say:
“What a relief I’ve got that the Tuskers Bulletin is finally published. I am extremely happy to present to you the premiere edition of this ineffable Bulletin that has a lot of information to offer to the students of the University of Uyo and the general public.

I sincerely want to appreciate the editorial team and everyone that contributed in one way or the other to the successful publication of this print. I also wish to thank my mother, Dr.(Mrs.) Isongesit P. Solomon the Dean of Student Affairs for her unending support towards this project. With God’s help and the support from our sponsors, Tuskers Bulletin is to be published monthly. 

Subsequent editions promises to be exceptionally exciting, entertaining, inspiring, motivating and above all, very educating. You never made a mistake picking or laying hands on this print and I promise my highly esteemed readers that after reading through the pages, you’ll have a different and positive perspective of what the Tuskers Bulletin is all about.

Tuskers Bulletin is one of the medium the Student Union Government has devised to send quality and wholesome information to students in every nook and cranny of this institution on a monthly basis.

I am glad this dream has finally materialized and I pray for God’s help so that it can be effective and consistent. Happy Reading…”

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