Heavy wind damages properties worth millions of naira in Uniuyo

The heavy rain which swept the whole of Uyo on Monday Night smiled at the calamity it brought to the University of Uyo Community.

Broken High Tension Pole in Uniuyo

The rain which lasted for more than three hours ended up filling the Varsity’s bucket more than required… On Tuesday Morning, Students, including members of staff of the University Community were shocked by the level of damage caused by this self-acclaimed two-edged gift of nature.

First, it was the Uniuyo FM’s Hight Tension Transmitter that was brought down. The heavy corrugated metals descended on the Station’s roof and smashed its way down to the rafters, shattering power transmission lines, and Nafias’s Network Cables. This has disrupted transmission from the studio for 4 days now.

Broken High Tension Pole in Uniuyo

The fall of this giant pillar didn’t form the most shocking part of the scene; rather, the greatest shock came because of the set-square nature the giant pillar assumed. One could clearly notice the divide between the base and the apex as the giant pillar twisted at the middle to form a Triangle in the Varsity’s Town Campus.

The madness of this rain accompanied by wild wind didn’t stop there; there was another heavy damage of transmission lines and power installation near the works unit at the Varsity’s Town Campus. This led to Campus-wide blackout which lasted for about two days.

It’s clearly seen that the recent mishap has incurred academic epilepsy in so many ways and calls for urgent attention by the management to see to the immediate rehabilitation of the damaged power lines to ensure smooth power transmission and also rehabilitate the Varsity’s High Tension Transmitter as the Station serves not just Uniuyo Students in the area of information dissemination, but also outsiders within the Promise Land boundary.

Also, the management should take proper measures to ensure standardadization in future installations.

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